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New Turkish drama debuts on MBC4

Posted on: February 25th, 2012     by Vijaya Cherian

A screen shot from the series.

Fatima, a griping Turkish drama, debuts on Saturday on MBC4. The drama series is dubbed in Arabic and joins MBC’s portfolio of Turkish dramas including Nesa’a Ha’erat and Ughniyat Hob, among others. 

After her success in the Turkish Classic hit series, Forbidden Love, the talented Beren Saat, popularly known as Samar, returns as Fatima.

The show is the adaptation of Vedat Turkali’s novel of 1986 which portrays the irony of how fine a line is, between love and hate. Fatima will explore a dramatic story of a beautiful and naïve girl who lives in Cesme (a touristic place in Western Turkey). However, an unforgettable tragedy transforms Fatima’s life so radically overnight and puts her future at stake. The incidents leave Fatima in the despair of her present and the ambiguity of her future.

The main cast comprises Beren Saat as Fatima; Firat Celik as Mustafa, Fatima’s fiancé and Engin Akyurek as Kerim, whom Fatima is forced to marry post her tragedy. 


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